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About e-Valuation

Company valuations

e-Valuation is an international financial services company specialized in company valuations and services related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) which was founded in the year 2000.

Within the services we offer, valuing companies through the internet stands out for its innovation and singularity, and e-Valuation is one of the market’s leaders.

With the objective of enabling the access to its services to the maximum number of companies, e-Valuation has redesigned and systemized the process of valuing businesses, using the net as an interactive tool, achieving a high quality service with a fast delivery and at a competitive price.

e-Valuation offers different products related to company valuation: (i) company valuation by Value Estimation (using the method of comparable multiples of publicly traded companies) (ii) Initial Valuation (using the method of comparable multiples of publicly traded companies and of comparable market transactions) (iii) Complete Valuation (using the method of comparable multiples of publicly traded companies, of comparable market transactions and the method of discounted cash flows).

Moments in which it is necessary to value a company:

  • Family business issue
  • Acquisition of other businesses
  • Acquisition of another shareholder’s shares
  • Possible arguments or conflicts between shareholders
  • Legal conflicts related to a company’s patrimony
  • Sale of the company or business to a third party
  • Capital reductions
  • Sale of a percentage of the company to a third party
  • Compulsory purchase of land or other assets
  • Capital increases
  • Distribution of the patrimony between heirs
  • Split of a part of the company
  • Development of a new commercial line
  • Share based remunerations
  • Increases in the number of shareholders