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Professional Careers

Are you interested in forming part of our team?

In e-Valuation we look for professionals who are currently working, or who would like to develop their careers in the financial sector, specifically in valuing companies and consulting. We strive for excellence in each of the members of our team and therefore value their motivation and absolute dedication. We recruit both experienced professionals as well as recent university graduates, to whom we are committed to continue educating and training. Send us your resumé to be considered in future selection processes.

At the same time, at e-Valuation we collaborate with a network of firms and independent international professionals to complement our generation and execution of corporate operations. We work with law firms, consulting firms, fiscal advisors, auditors, financial agents, industry associations, among others. This type of agreement could represent an interesting value added service for your company which could assist in a client loyalty program to be able to offer to cover a clear need, or simply represent additional income for your business. e-Valuation does not require a minimum volume. If this option interests you, contact us at An e-Valuation partner will get in touch with you immediately to discuss the conditions.