Specialized in Small and Medium Enterprises, e-Valuation Financial Services offers a very wide range of consulting services, all of them addressed to SMEs' best development.

Company Valuation

The aim of a Financial Valuation is to determine the quantitative value of a Company. This service can be requested by the Company, by a partner or one of the owners, by a potential investor, by an employee, by a competitor, etc. Our Valuation Service is addressed to companies of all sizes, from Micro-Enterprises (less than 10 employees and annual turnover under € 1 m.) to Large Companies (more than 250 employees and annual turnover over € 250 m.).

e-Valuation uses several different methods when valuing a company. These methods will vary in the depth of the analysis, so we meet every client's necessities. The time that a business appraisal requires will also vary from company to company, as well as its price. No two businesses are identical. According to these differences, we propose four different types of Valuation: Value Estimation, Initial Valuation, Complete Valuation and Tailored Valuation.

An accurate business valuation can be essential in many cases. The following are some of them:

  • Total or partial sale of a Company: How much should I ask for it?
  • Acquisition of a Company: How much should I offer?
  • Merger between two companies
  • Capital increase
  • Joining of a new partner: What percentage of the company is reasonable for the money invested?
  • Leaving of a partner: What should we offer for their stake?
  • Judicial disputes among partners
  • Generational succession or inheritance distribution: How can I equally divide my wealth among my children?
  • Employee compensation with shares: How many shares should we offer to them?
  • Foundation of a new Business Line
  • Curiosity
Valuing your Company might help you answer the following questions:
  • How much does my company cost?
  • What was the Return on my Investment?
  • What can I do to increase profits?
e-Valuation has incorporated the latest technologies to its processes: we now offer our clients Online Business Valuations that preserve the highest standards of quality but at the same time expedite the valuation process. We therefore provide our services faster; we avoid unnecessary meetings and, consequently, reduce costs, minimizing our prices.

Since it is closely related to our Business Valuation Service, we also offer our extensive Valuation Multiples database of both Listed Companies and Private Transactions. These Multiples can give an initial idea of the value of a business, since it compares the valuated business results to those of other companies operating in the same sector or having a similar business model.

Financial Consultancy

As diagnosis tools to optimize a company's management, e-Valuation develops Business Plans or Viability Plans (regarding Business strategy or the possible profitability of future projects) as well as Industry Trend Analisis, which provide great reliability when implementing new ideas. If you wish a more exhaustive analysis of your Business Accounting, we can develop an Economic–Financial Study, which takes into account the Company's accounting trajectory and suggest possible management modifications.

We also asses companies in Mergers & Acquisitions processes; we manage, assist and coordinate the process until the closing of the deal.

We work every day in collaboration with possible external investors (private investors, companies, Private Equity or public entities) with whom we are in constant contact. Once obtained the funds needed, e-Valuation takes care of monitoring the investment (progress, previsions, etc.).