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Our Complete Valuation is suitable for you if you are selling the company to another same sector company, merging with a similar company, inheriting the company shares or if you are a company that owns real estate assets.

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Complete Valuation Features

10 weekdays +/- 87%
2.950 €
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What does an Complete Valuation consist of?

Valuing a company through our Complete Valuation method allows us to perfectly adapt to any peculiarity or special characteristic the valued business may have. This service also takes into account any possible appreciation of the Company’s real assets, which will of course have a great impact on the Company’s value. A Complete Valuation provides a totally personalized Valuing Report.

To value a company through a Complete Valuation we use three different methods: Discounted Cash Flow, Comparable Multiples of Listed Companies and Comparable Multiples of Private Transactions.

A Complete Valuation is a report of approximately 55 pages that indicates not only the final valuation range estimated by e-Valuation, but which also aims to include all the necessary information that will enable any reader to understand why e-Valuation has come to this conclusion. In general terms, the Report contains the following information:
  • Description of methodologies employed
  • Indication of the industry which the company belongs to
  • Brief description of the Company
  • Summarized explanation of the hypotheses used to make financial projections
  • List of listed companies and transactions included in the valuation
  • Chart of the resulting average Valuation Multiples per parameter and year
  • Outcome of the Valuation according to each method used and final conclusion
  • Summary of financial projections of the Company's Profit and Loss Statement
  • Calculated ratios of the company’s historical and projected Profit and Loss Statement
  • Analysis of the sensitivity of the discount and the perpetuity growth rates used in the valuation
  • Analysis of the impact of the current market value of the company’s real assets on the company’s total value

Who is this service addressed to?

A Complete Valuation can be requested by a company partner or shareholder, as well as by a potential buyer of the company. In order to request this service, the applicant must have access to the company’s actual historical data so as to be able to fill in the Valuation Form.

Specifically, e-Valuation's Complete Valuation Service is recommended in the following situations:
  • Selling processes of a company to a buyer who knows the business well
  • Mergers between similar companies
  • Inheritance of company shares by the following generation
  • Companies that own real estate assets which comprise a significant part of the company’s total value

Data to be provided by the Company

  • Complete financial statements of the last three closed fiscal years
  • Complete budget of current fiscal year
  • General information about clients and providers
  • General information about the company’s positioning in the market
  • General information about its structure, organization and personnel
  • Estimates about the market value of its real assets
  • Specific questions based on each industry

What other data could the Company provide?

  • Financial projections for the next 5 years
  • Audited financial statements of the last 5 years
  • Data from a professional appraisal of its real assets
  • Details about of the business

How can I request a Complete Valuation?

  1. Register for Free as a New User at
  2. Select Complete Valuation
  3. Fill in the form by answering the questions about the specific sector of the Company (2-3 hours) and send it in. To clear up any doubt, please contact us through (+34) 917 817 817. One of our analysts will be very pleased to help you. For the sake of convenience, we also give our clients the option of sending in all the information by e-mail (, replacing the form’s filling in
  4. Make the payment by bank transfer, credit/debit card or PayPal (the latter via can be accessed from the Confidential Area)
  5. Within a maximum of 10 working days, you will receive notification by e-mail that your Complete Valuation Report is ready, so you can download it from your Virtual Office

What is the price of the service?

Valuing a Company through our Complete Valuation Method has a fixed price of 2.950 € (taxes included).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail:, or by telephone: (+34) 917 885 777.