Economic and Financial Analysis

It consist of a financial and economic company analysis of the last 4 years, putting this analysis regarding the sector, allowing obtain a series of strategic conclusions that make a short and medium term targets.

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In recent years, SMEs have been forced to professionalize the management and control of the company financial situation. To satisfy these needs, e-Valuation has developed this management tool, with which you can control all variables that affect the shareholders profitability.

Economic and Financial Analysis

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What does an e-Valuation Economic and Financial Analysis consist of?

It is a management tool that allows you to set goals and monitor compliance with them. With it you could know perfectly the health of your company.

To do this, the liquidity situation, debt financing capacity, asset turnover and management of receipts and payments are thoroughly analyzed; and based on the results, study in detail the company profitability and the variables with the greatest impact on it.

In addition, in order to create greater value for the company, the same financial analysis can be performed to direct competitors. This analysis allows a clear reference to how the competitors are performing, setting strategic goals and milestones.

The economic and financial analysis is a report made periodically by e-Valuation independently on the financial performance of the company. The study can be done quarterly, semiannually or annually, adjusting to the management needs of each company.

In which situations is an e-Valuation Economic and Financial Analysis recommendable?

Companies wish to know their economic and financial situations through a ratio analysis for different reasons, among which we can highlight the following:
  • To define targets or strategies and verify compliance with them.
  • To present the company results objectively and display the year-on-year evolution of the company.
  • To know how the company is being managed in comparison with the industry average.
  • To know the company financial structure and analyze the additional debt capacity of the company.
  • To know the break even.
  • Before undertaking new investments that could additionally burden the financial obligations of the company.

What aspects of the company does the e-Valuation Economic and Financial Analysis study?

e-Valuation focuses on the following aspects in its Economic and Financial Analysis:
  • Liquidity analysis.
  • Self-funding analysis.
  • Business level analysis.
  • Productivity analysis.
  • Financial balance analysis.
  • Solvency analysis.
  • Financial profitability analysis.
  • Sensitivity analysis.

How much does the e-Valuation Economic and Financial Analysis cost?

Thanks to the exclusive e-Valuation system for completing confidential data through on-line Virtual Interviews, e-Valuation can offer this service of great added value for only 2.950 € (taxes excluded).

If you wish it is one of our analysts who fills in the information requested in the form, you must just send us the required documents. This service has an added cost of € 500 (taxes excluded).

How can I request an Economic and Financial Analysis for my company?

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  3. Complete the Virtual Interview, answering the questions about the company to be analyzed and send it in. Should any doubt arise during the interview, our team of analysts will assist you by e-mail or telephone.
  4. Next, you should make payment by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal (the latter via the payment gateway that can be accessed from the Confidential Work Area).
  5. Within 10 working days you will receive notification by e-mail that your Economic and Financial Analysis is ready. Once the payment has been made, you can download your Report in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (PDF) format from the Confidential Work Area.
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