Initial Valuation

Our Initial Valuation will help you decide whether it is worth putting a company up for sale or if the sales offer you are receiving is suitably price

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Initial Valuation Features

5 weekdays +/- 80%
1.450 €
(taxes included)

What does an Initial Valuation consist of?

An Initial Valuation is based on the computation of the value of a Company through financial magnitudes of Comparable Trading Companies and Discounted Cash Flows.

An Initial Valuation is a report of approximately 30 to 35 pages that indicates not only the final valuation range estimated by e-Valuation, but also includes basic information that will enable any reader to understand why e-Valuation has come to this conclusion regarding the Company’s Valuation. In general terms, the report contains the following information:
  • Description of methodology employed
  • Indication of the industry
  • Brief graphic description of the growth hypotheses employed
  • Summarized projection of the Company’s Free Cash Flow
  • Valuation for each method employed
  • Calculation and conclusions of the valuation

Who is this service addressed to?

An Initial Valuation can be requested by a company partner or shareholder, as well as by a potential buyer of the company. In order to request this service, the applicant must have access to the Company’s Historical Data so as to be able to fill in the valuation form. Specifically, the Initial Valuation service is recommended to find out if a sales offer is suitably priced or to find out if it is worth putting a company up for sale.

However, the Initial Valuation is specifically designed for companies with a stable business history, as it is based on the historical figures of the company and on the assumption that a similar trend will continue in the future. If the company you wish to value shows a year-on-year variation in sales or profits over the last few years, we suggest you ask for a Complete Valuation instead. An Initial Valuation performed on a company with an uneven track record may produce unreliable results.

Which steps may I follow in order to obtain an Initial Valuation?

  1. Register for Free as a New User at
  2. Select Initial Valuation
  3. Fill in the form by answering the questions on the Historical Financial Figures of the Company (45 minutes aprox.) and send it in
  4. Make the payment by bank transfer, credit/debit card or PayPal (the latter via can be accessed from the Confidential Area)
  5. Within a maximum of 5 working days, you will receive notification by e-mail that your Initial Valuation Report is ready, so you can download it from your Confidential Area

What is the price of the service?

Valuing a Company through our Initial Valuation Method has a fixed price of 1.450 € (taxes included).