Tailored Valuation

Our Tailored Valuation Service is ideal for mergers involving companies unacquainted with each other, judicial valuations, companies that prefer a more personalized experience with meetings, and companies that operate in very specific business segments.

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Tailored Valuation Features

between 3 and 6 weeks +/- 95%
starting in 7.000 €
(taxes included)

What does an Tailored Valuation consist of?

A Tailored Valuation is our most accurate service. Our team of analysts values the Company taking into account every unique peculiarity and every specific characteristic of the business, every source of income, client profile, or type of investment, studying all details of its business segment. We obtain the most reliable results and we perfectly adjust to the Company’s circumstances.

The methods applied in a Tailored Valuation are: Comparable Multiples of Listed Companies, Comparable Multiples of Private Transactions and Discounted Cash Flows.

The resulting Valuation Report’s contents vary depending on the company, its business model and its requirements. In general terms, it is a document of approximately 80 pages that indicates the final valuation range estimated by e-Valuation, and also includes all the information necessary to enable any reader to understand why e-Valuation has come to this conclusion regarding the company’s valuation. In general terms, the report contains the following information:
  • Description of methodologies employed
  • Detailed description of the company and its business
  • Modeling of company projections based on its specific characteristics
  • Breakdown of the company’s various lines of revenue and expenditure
  • Detailed explanation of the hypotheses employed to carry out financial projections
  • Explanation of the selection of Comparable Multiples and Transactions
  • Table of Comparable Companies and selected Transactions, and their Multiples
  • Valuation according to each method employed and the final conclusion
  • Detailed financial projections of the company’s Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Free Cash Flow according to three possible scenarios (base scenario, growth scenario and unfavorable scenario)
  • Calculation of the net financing requirements of the Company
  • Analysis of the impact of the market value of the Company’s real assets on the final valuation
  • Sensitivity analysis of Discount Rate and Growth Rate in perpetuity
An e-Valuation’s Managing Director will be involved throughout the entire valuation process.

Who is this service addressed to?

Our Tailored Valuation Service is address to any company which requires a totally personalized valuation that takes into account every unique detail it may have. This type of valuation is ideal in the following situations:
  • Mergers and acquisitions between companies unacquainted with each other
  • Shareholder reorganizations
  • Judicial Valuations
  • Companies that, even though they could have requested an online Valuation, prefer a more personalized experience that includes meetings
  • Companies that operate in a very specific business segment that is not clearly defined in e-Valuation's Industry Classification
  • It is essential in those cases where e-Valuation is going to act as a consultant during a sales process, acquisition or merger, or in those cases where a valuation is going to be defended at meetings

What information is the Tailored Valuation based on?

e-Valuation will gather, primarily through meetings with the company's management, all the pertinent information necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the company and its operations. In addition, e-Valuation will use industry projections and macroeconomic forecasts, as well as its knowledge of the general performance of the company’s industry, to draw up the most objective and independent valuation.

How much does the Tailored Valuation Service cost?

Given that every company is different and that this service is precisely customized, its price is likewise tailored. Please request a quote from us without any obligation. An e-Valuation Managing Partner will be delighted to help you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail: clients@evalora.com, or by telephone: (+34) 917 885 777.