Valuation Multiples

e-Valuation offers an extensive database of valuation multiples of both listed companies and private transactions, either to companies that want to learn about the prices and multiples related to their industry, or to Corporate Finance professionals who may need this information for their own valuations.

Knowing about past company acquisition and sale transactions and what was paid for them can be useful in many ways. In the same way that in the real estate market knowledge of the going prices for apartments in our neighborhood could give us a good indication of what we might ask for our own, in company valuations, knowing what other companies in the same industry are selling for is also a good point of reference in determining value.

How are valuation multiples used when Valuing a Company?

A valuation multiple indicates that a company’s market price has been established at X times its sales, or X times its earnings, etc. This allows us to compare companies with similar business models, so that by applying multiples to the sales or earnings of a company, for example, an indication of its value can be attained.

By examining e-Valuation’s Multiples Analysis, can I obtain a Valuation of my Company?

The Multiples Valuation method, although a simple calculation, is difficult to apply so that the outcome could be considered a reliable valuation in itself. In any case, it is necessary to verify the conclusions arrived at with some other valuation method (see Company Valuation Manual). Therefore, the Company Valuation Multiples only aim to serve as a source of information about the prices being paid in the market for companies and on the Stock Exchange. Although it is true they can serve as a point of reference, in order to obtain a professional and independent company valuation, we recommend conducting a Tailored Valuation.

How much does this service cost?

When applying Private Transaction Multiples: a minimum of 5 Transactions must be requested, which equals € 250 (taxes included), to be paid in advance. Any additional Transaction requested must be paid once delivered, at € 50 (taxes included) each.

When applying Stock Exchange Companies’ Multiples: it is the client who determines the criteria of the companies of his/her interest and e-Valuation will carry out the search. A minimum of 5 Companies must be requested, which equals € 295 (taxes included), to be paid in advance. Any additional Company requested must be paid once delivered, at € 59 (taxes included) each.

How can i request a Valuation Multiples Report?

Any of the contracting methods you may be interested in, can be requested on our website through the following email:, or calling (+34) 917 885 777.